Found Message at the Playground

Beneath Your Feet is the weekly photo challenge

Signage, written in chalk.  No one else around don’t know who wrote it on the pavement in from of the bench.

Sunday evening, we were at the playground with my two youngest grandchildren.  My sister Mary  is the one who pointed it out.

Of course, I had my cell phone to capture and share!  Didn’t walk on it. Just wondered who felt compelled to write it.

Hang up and parent sign


15 thoughts on “Found Message at the Playground

  1. Obviously I don’t know who wrote it, but I’m so glad they did! WAY too often I see parents dinking with their devices, completely ignoring their children – what a hurtful message to send a kiddo (especially one’s own!). Kudos to the author – here’s hoping parents heed the command.

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