One More Plum Torte Post

JJBegonias post of Marian Burros Plum Torte has inspired many to bake one.

My friend Roberta made a couple and gave me one she baked but unfortunately Steve and I ate it without thinking about photographing it,

I made one for my friend Josie’s parents and then her sister Carol made one and Josie sent me a photo of it on the phone. Looks like they paired it with a cup of coffee.  Mmmm.

Carol's plum Torte


Then here is the one I made



5 thoughts on “One More Plum Torte Post

  1. Ruth: please consider writing a Cookbook of Memories, ILLUSTRATED!!!! 🙂 Swan’s Down pans, flour bags, mixers etc!!!! and old hand-written recipes. I was in Barnes and Noble: Vinyl LP records are back, and BN is selling the players! Your book would be a best-seller!!! 🙂 LOVE

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