Sculpture Court Puddle Reflections

With raindrops.


Wet pavement and textured concrete.







Through the museum window









Trying to find attribution to sculpture court artwork is challenging on the CMOA website.


Monday afternoon

We need rain but it’s coming so fast and furious on Tuesday, it’s running off and forming problems on  roadways, causing flooding in some areas.


In context.  Sculpture Court Carnegie Museum of Art.







8 thoughts on “Sculpture Court Puddle Reflections

  1. I was wondering why I never get photos like these, then I realised i don’t go out if it’s raining unless it’s unavoidable and then I’m too grumpy to think about photos!

  2. Water definitely makes for good pictures. It’s always changing. Nice picture Ruth E

  3. We were at the museum on Monday afternoon with Jack. Didn’t have your eye for looking at these beautiful spaces. Just got inside. Actually, I think we entered through the cafe entrance on Monday. Charming photos! ☔️

  4. never seen the interior wall look so beautiful …… yes, it was done by a famous artist we all know but don’t associate with projects like this ……
    I’ll search too. Just a great photo, with people walking inside and out / up and down , and the green of tree and inside wall “mathc!” …….. love the other 2 as well thanks

  5. I love the aesthetic of the first image (another painting-esque photograph), and think the last image is another great nomination for “lines” or “grid” themes. 🙂

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