Circle: Charlie’s First Christmas Tree

Cheri Lucas Rowlands presented the Weekly Photo Challenge

 Circle “you might consider what this familiar shape represents: the cycle of life and death, infinity, perfection, and more.”

As I pulled down Laura and James’ driveway, I saw the Christmas tree at the curb, ready for pick-up. 

Charlie’s first Christmas tree.

He was six months old on Christmas Day.

  I put the emergency brake on, got out and saw the blogpost photo for the weekly photo challenge.


Update Monday afternoon : So I went and bought a saw at Loews this morning and cut a slice off the bottom to make an ornament for next year’s tree. Thanks Julia for the idea. 


11 thoughts on “Circle: Charlie’s First Christmas Tree

  1. Article in PPG last week about THE TREE at Rockefeller Center/ NYC. It’s being recylced to Philly to be used in Habitat for Humanity Houses! It was a tree from PA. 🙂

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