52 in 2016- Week #1 Reflection

The other day I was reading Say it With a Camera blog.   Mike Hardisty’s accomplishment of 52 in 2015 intrigued me.    I read about how to participate in the weekly themed challenge.  The part that appealed to me is you have to take photographs during the week of the theme- no archived shots.  I read the rules of the group and signed on the participate in the 52 in 2016 Challenge and Day 1 of Week 1 is Monday January 4th.

I like the idea of a new goal in photography. Actively working on something different.  A challenge.

Week #1 theme is reflection.  Today I was watching my grandson Charlie while his mom, Laura, was packing away the Christmas tablecloth and cleaning up the kitchen. She had just polished the electric kettle and I was standing there in her kitchen and thought, reflection.


Reflection Week #1

26 thoughts on “52 in 2016- Week #1 Reflection

  1. Great catch for the theme Ruth. Love that kettle and the reflection. Charlie is adorable. 😀
    Wishing you and yours the best of 2016. ♥

  2. Perfect – there are so many meanings to “reflection” — but I love your picture

  3. This is a wonderful beginning to this year’s challenge. Of course, I would love this photo no matter what the reason. It’s Charlie!

  4. Excellent! This looks to be a wonderful challenge and I can’t wait to see how you’re going to respond. This is going to be fun!

    • John, I appreciate your enthusiasm for my attempting the challenge. It’s similar to a new recipe to try every week!

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