Custard with Sticky Rice 

Here’s a pic of the dessert I had for lunch today.  

A good friend treated me to a delicious lunch at Nicky’s Thai Kitchen on the Northside. 

We had the custard sticky rice with mango  on a previous visit but alas it’s not the season. 

 Such a satisfying and delicious finish to a wonderful meal.  
I found a link to a recipe for Custard with Sticky Rice at Thai Cooking School if you want to try it at home. 

18 thoughts on “Custard with Sticky Rice 

  1. It’s a miracle the custard held together like that. I’m imagining I would have less luck with it but I like the idea and found the recipe quite interesting. Thank you for sharing it.

      • I have been researching Vietnamese recipes so I found this strikingly similar to some other dessert recipes I’d found. Should be interesting to try. If it turns out decently, I’ll share it. Warm wishes.

      • We have a good Vietnamese restaurant in Pittsburgh but I have never ordered dessert there. Looking forward to seeing your research come to life.

  2. It really is delicious! I ate the other half of mine before bed. It was delicious cold, too! YUM!

    • Different texture of rice not as creamy but guess there are similarities. Thanks for your visit and taking time to write.

  3. As embarrassingly often that I enjoy Thai food, I’ve never tried custard with sticky rice. Judging by your photos, I’m missing out. 🙂

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