Abstract: Weekly Photo Challenge 

Abstract gallery from archives

I don’t shoot many intentional abstracts 
my photographic style more literal. 



1- freight train,chain link fence, building by East Liberty busway 

2- Raeffetto’s wild mushroom ravioli NYC

3- Lincoln Logs in the toy drawer Ohio

4-Twister  Heinz History Center Pittsburgh

5-Philadelphia shadows 

21 thoughts on “Abstract: Weekly Photo Challenge 

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  2. Captures interest! Had to look twice at the Lincoln Logs and the ravioli – wasn’t sure what they were at first glance.

  3. I love them all. The fact that they are in black and white adds to their abstractness (is that even a word). They could hang in any gallery anywhere.

  4. Glad you did the legend below, I guessed #2 was ravioli but knowing for sure literally saved my sanity! All really interesting studies of positive and negative space.

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