Extracting the Abstract: Gallery in Color

Yesterday I met the weekly challenge in black and white.

Converting pics to black and white  helped them transform into ABSTRACT

Today I sifted through photos from nature and tried to extract the abstract.

abstract autumn reflection1.


bluebonnets from the bus2.





puddle reflection5.


peeling paint

bridge in autumn




  1. Upside down Monongahela River reflection in Autumn
  2. Bluebonnets and Paintbrush in a blur from the bus, Austin TX
  3. Lemon wedge
  4. Ed’s Lobster
  5. Puddle reflection
  6. Peeling Paint
  7. Homestead Grays Bridge upside down- definititely still literal.

So I guess I think turning the image makes them abstract?

Fun to play with bits and pieces of photographs, like a jigsaw puzzle.



17 thoughts on “Extracting the Abstract: Gallery in Color

  1. If we are voting, I vote for number 2. But they are all great. I just like how the colors blended.

  2. You did! And rather beautifully too. 🙂 I haven’t had time to look at the weekly challenge yet this week but now that I’ve seen it here I have the very thing. I won’t be posting though, or I’ll never get my walk done. 🙂 Happy Sunday, Ruth!

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    • Thanks Sylvia. I don’t shoot abstracts but was able to create some from my archives. Loved your monarch flower.

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