Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

Morning has broken

WordPress not looking for the glorious sunrise photos this week. 

Rocco’s – Bleecker Street 


Columbus OHRockford  IL

Rockford IL

Columbus OH

Jean Marc Chatellier – Almond brioche 


One glorious sunrise St.George Island –

July 2016

27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

  1. loveit loveit loveit with the surprise sunrise as a finale —– those 12 broken eggs in the bowl, waiting to be scrambled? Don’t think I’ve ever prepared that many!! OH! 12 broken eggs: morning has broken! teehee 🙂 viva breakfast!!!!!

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  3. I did not check your blog until 1 PM. Guess what I had for my noon meal?– It was French Toast and sausage. Something in the air? I needed a breakfast for lunch today !
    Enjoyed all the options you posted and especially that surprise – your beach shot for the final entry.

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