When Your Neighbor Brings You Pancetta

When your neighbor brings you pounds of pancetta, what else can you do? (Thank you Joaquin.)

Find a recipe, quickly.

I read some eat pancetta raw but that turned me.

Next time I’ll slice it more thinly. First, I warmed the dish in the oven, cooked the cut up pancetta for about 8 minutes in my cast iron skillet and then drained it on paper towels. Tossed  the eggs, cheese, minced garlic cloves mixture  onto the hot drained spaghetti  in the warmed casserole   Freshly ground pepper. Rich and good. Next time I’ll hold off on salting the pasta water as the pancetta and cheese made it salty enough.  The recipe called for 1/2 cup white wine which I didn’t have on hand so poured a glass of red to accompany this perfect dish for a snowy day.

Spaghetti Carbonara  

There’s plenty of pancetta left for several meals if you have any suggestions.

14 thoughts on “When Your Neighbor Brings You Pancetta

  1. Even Marian’s “frenchie” [french bull dog] likes Pancetta!!!! YumYUM and perfect china dish!

  2. A quick appetizer-Wrapped around asparagus stalks and pop in oven. I’ll check the recipe.

  3. Your pasta dish looks delicious, Ruth. Love it! Your neighbor sounds like a great person but, then again, you must be too. Why else would he give you such a nice gift? I use diced pancetta as a base for many dishes. Once rendered, I’ll use the fat to cook halved Brussels sprouts, returning the pancetta to the pan when the sprouts are just about finished. It’s great at the beginning of a risotto or used with clams to make a linguine with clams. Use it wherever you would use bacon but with pancetta you taste pork and not smoke. Buon appetito!

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