Groundhog Day Compendium

Through the years on the blog.Happy Groundhog’s Day.

Groundhog’s Day first celebration in Punxsutawney was in 1886.

Snippets from previous Groundhog’s Day Posts. If you want more pics or details, click on underlined links.

Let’s see if there is a clear day with a shadow or an early Spring for 2017.

History of Groundhog’s Day– from Stormfax

“If Candlemas Day is bright and clear,
There’ll be two winters in the year.”


Groundhog Day Filmed in Woodstock Illinois




Punxsutawney Phil Declares 6 More Weeks of Winter

Shout out to  Kyle Kline on the bass


And yes  we were there  Me. Laura and my sister Mary



Groundhog Sports Black and Gold Beads



Flat Ruthie and the Groundhog



Michael on left and Jack on the right with Baby Groundhog (a family puppet)


Groundhog’s Eve Sunset


Groundhog BrewSkumps Groundhog

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 11.34.50 PM.png


Groundhog Day Movie Capture Pittsburgh SkylineThe Pittsburgh Skyline before all the neon signs on the buildings


10 thoughts on “Groundhog Day Compendium

  1. I have one in my yard that has been there for years – he never seems to come out on groundhog day. It is so cool that you, Laura and your sister went.

  2. Great that you all were there but Flat Ruthie, too? Now that’s really special! I knew a couple of people that worked on the film. I still remember their praise prior to its release. I did enjoy it but, for me, if Bill Murray stars in a movie, I’m going to love it. We Cubs fans are thick as thieves. 🙂

    • It’s a movie I can watch repeatedly and always like thinking about. Hadn’t thought of it in baseball terms, 😀

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