Winter Tree at the Playground

My granddaughter Anna (13) texted me this photo from Ohio, just after I returned to Pittsburgh. I’d  a week’s visit with both families. It was warm enough to play at the playground today. img_3251

I thought it a good composition



Then she sent me the second photo and I could see some warm lights through the trees.

You might remember Anna’s photo  of the pick-up truck full of mannequin legs on a snowy highway.  From 4 years ago        Click to see Anna’s photo from 2012

13 thoughts on “Winter Tree at the Playground

  1. Winter trees make me sad. No leaves. But how can one be sad at a playground. It is a great picture.

  2. Lacking the Ohio snow I would be on that playground; but the word “chilly” pops into my head. Good job, Anna.

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