Wisdom and Love at Ritter’s Diner

Meet Sophia and Aphrodite.

Last week I made arrangements to photograph Aphrodite for the People at Work Series.  Steve and I’ve known Aphrodite for more than 23 years now. Sophia asked me if I knew what Sophia meant and I had to admit I didn’t.

But I do now!  Wisdom.  And Aphrodite means Love.

I ordered two eggs over medium, dry wheat toast with butter on the side and potatoes with the well done crispy bits. Coffee and a glass of water.

I asked Sophia if I might photograph her, too, and she graciously agreed.  I forgot to ask Sophia how long she’s worked at Ritter’s Diner but I know Aphrodite has worked there for 39 years!

Chances are if you’re from Pittsburgh, you’ve had the good fortune to meet both of these wonderful women.


 Sophia and Aphrodite


SophiaSophia at the cash register


Ritter’s Diner on Baum Bloulevard-

A Pittsburgh Landmark just a block away from Shadyside Hospital

13 thoughts on “Wisdom and Love at Ritter’s Diner

  1. I haven’t been to Ritters in an age! This reminds me it is time to go again. Love taking the Orders and Wisdom at the Cash Register ….. very well planned!!! 🙂

  2. I love diners, Ruth, and try to frequent them, not so much for the food — although it’s usually quite good — but just to help keep them in business. I like knowing that there are places where I can order waffles without having to say, “No whipped cream, please.”

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