Nutcracker Suite on a Snowy Day

The Columbus City Ballet School Production- Saturday December 9th

Maura was in two dances  The Tea Dance and The Russian Dance.  A couple  of the moms helped me out as Maura’s mom was with her siblings at a swim meet.  Suzanne watched her while I ran to get lunch after the morning dress rehearsal and I’d left the makeup bag on the kitchen counter so Shelly added the finishing touches to Maura’s stage look.


Annelise and Elena with their mom               Aunt Lala and Maura 24082980847_dc5432be62_kWhat a fun day.  Great performances by all.  Thanks to Shir Lee Wu, Artistic Director of the Columbus City Ballet School.

10 thoughts on “Nutcracker Suite on a Snowy Day

  1. Wow! Dancing in the Nutcracker. Mostly we love the last picture and Maura’s smile. There is always an element of fun in her demeanor. Be proud Ruth.

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  2. I love her mid-air jump – and I ESPECIALLY love that the costumes and make-up were age-appropriate. (I know a few young girls who are in dance, and some of the costumes and make up make me very uneasy.)

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