Games Families Play

Do you have boxes of board games in your home? Or have electronics taken precedent?

This week I’m visiting family in Ohio and we’ve been playing board games. Some take hours and hours. The card games aren’t included in this picture but UNO is the most popular around here. Maura and I’ve played a few rounds. I heard the four grandkids were playing Life before Christmas.

Does anyone in your household seek world domination- or scarf up real estate, utilities and railroads, add houses and hotels?

On my mother’s side my Uncle John was very good at chess and my Uncle Robert was good at backgammon and Royalty. Both of their families are good game players. I think my family missed that game playing gene although we had Flinch. I looked up the vintage card game Flinch and it’s pricey on eBay.

Different ages prefer certain games and there are a few games I find difficult to stick with and finish to the win. If I were photographing games at my house you’d see Scrabble and Jenga, Boggle, Pictionary, Mille Bornes and Monopoly.

Good sportsmanship and learning to lose gracefully is an ongoing effort.

Following the rules, taking turns, paying attention are essential ingredients.

The new Risk has been trending at Mark and Erika’s house this week. I’ve been watching Ticket to Ride tutorials on YouTube to teach the grandchildren how to play.

At Laura and James’ house the selection is colorful and fun. Charlie is 2 1/2 so it’s Hi Ho Cherrio! Or these two games photographed by Laura today. The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel GameCharlie and the squirrel grab acorns. Goodnight Moon Counting Game

21 thoughts on “Games Families Play

  1. how fun – I esp. like the goodnight moon game – my kids used to like that board book.

    and we still have board games (did you know my son used to collect Monopoly game sets – and so we have about 20 left) but the big rage for us this year is a game that everyone can play using a phone or pad – and you make t-shirts with slogans – or play games where someone is the faker. super fun for groups.

    • That’s a lot of Monopoly but I’ve seen different ones for sale. Now that you mention it I think we have a Pittsburgh version. That’s quite a collection your son has. What’s the name of the iPad/Phone game? Thanks Yvette.

  2. Losing gracefully and being ‘out’ is a hard lesson when you’re small. I was never much of a property mogul but I did like the top hat and Scottie dog. 🙂 We were playing dinosaur games at Christmas.

    • Oh I’d like to know how you play dinosaur games. Sounds fun and different. Some adults don’t lose gracefully, either. Thanks Jo.

      • It’s one occasion when my camera remained in my pocket, Ruth. I did take a couple of blurred shots on my phone but I was too busy trying not to be ‘out’. 🙂

  3. My grandkids play board games, but they are much more into their electronics. I play a football board game with my oldest grandson (10), but I never really understand it. I’m sure he makes up the rules as we play. We play board games more around this time of year. It’s good that they still enjoy them.

  4. Growing up we didn’t play many board games. At an early age my parents taught us all to play Bridge, Cribbage and Chess. Because there are so many of us we would have tournaments when the weather was bad. Otherwise, we were outside playing.

  5. We play Rack-O at least once a week with friends. It says it’s for 8-12 year olds but we’re all over 70. Maybe it’s our second childhood but I don’t think so. When we finish that one we play Five Crowns, which is a rummy-like game. And we’re not getting tired of them. Games are good!

  6. Last weekend, when Coop was here, he got board games for Chanukah. He was not always a good loser but he’s learning. But, truth be told, the adults were obnoxious winners. So there!

  7. We have a large pile of board games in our closet – but I suspect we will need to get a few ones that are a bit easier for C. Though just this weekend I did purchase Memory!

  8. The kids look like they are having loads of fun with the games 🙂 I remember playing Monopoly, Life, Uno and backgammon growing up. That was when computers and phones weren’t popular at all, so it was either TV or board or card games. It was a great way to pass the time, and we played not to win but for fun and enjoying the games themselves.

    Wishing you well this 2018, Ruth 🙂

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