Puppets Need a Human

Puppets need a human (or two) to come to life. One to operate and even better with one to appreciate the effort of the puppeteer.

This puppet looks like a giftwrapped present. Surprise! It’s a furry puppy. Like a manual Jack-in-the-box without the organ grinder music. This particular puppet was Michael’s (12) and he’s passed it on to cousin Charlie (2 1/2).

Laura surprised Charlie.

Then Charlie gave the puppy a kiss.

Figuring out how it works

11 thoughts on “Puppets Need a Human

  1. We have been out of town. We are caught up on all of your posts now. They are great. This one is special. Michael is such a thoughtful and generous guy to pass his puppet along to Charlie. Charlie’s laughter makes us smile. We can sense not only his excitement but also Laura’s excitement and you’re too. Charlie is certainly surrounded by a loving family. After all is said and done, that is what Christmastide is about.

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