Old Stuffed Animals

Maura has two of her parents old stuffed animals. The sock monkey, in need of repair, I sewed for Mark in 1976 and the brown teddy bear is Erika’s childhood bear. It’s hard to throw away things with a face. They are definitely loved and cared for by their daughter now.

Do you have any old stuffed animals in your house?

19 thoughts on “Old Stuffed Animals

  1. Happy New Year Ruth and family. Thinking people who love and care for their stuffed animals as children grow up to be caring and loving adults. Mark and Erika and their children are prime examples. You can include Laura and James and Charlie. Something tells us that you might have a prescious item from your childhood as well.

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  2. Charming. I have my favorite blanket (which I named).
    There is a toy hospital in Lawrenceville, Jill Debroff revives beloved treasures.

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  3. This gave me a start as here a stuffed animal sounds like taxidermy. Just a language thing. Your stuffed animals are my soft toys. And yes, I have several, including a bear with bells in his ears called Toffee who was given to me by my to be godparents when I was one day old.

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  4. I don’t keep many things around that house that I don’t use on a regular basis, but I do still have 2 stuffed animals from my youth. One is a panda bear (a foot tall or so) that my dad won for my mom at a carnival when they were dating, the other is a small dog (probably just 6″ long and 3″ tall) that I carried everywhere I went when I was about 2-4 years old. They are a few things that have deep sentimental value to me.

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