Christmas Tree and Couch, Curbside

Clintonville. On Calumet. In Columbus.

No kidding.

That’s a lot of Cs.

I saw this Christmas Tree and the couch waiting for pick up. Some people put their trees out right after Christmas.

Maybe the trees have up since Thanksgiving and the needles are dropping like crazy.

21 thoughts on “Christmas Tree and Couch, Curbside

  1. We keep our (artificial) tree up for at least a few weeks into January, and often take it down only just before Valentine’s Day (more out of “shame” than anything else). 😉

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    • I’ve kept garlands(fake) with special ornaments in my front hall until at least March. They cheer me. I like all the lights outside in the dark, too. No shaming.

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  2. Has a January look and feel to it ……… holidays are over! Keep all my lights up and on at least through
    the 6th —- the 12th Day of Christmas!!! 🙂 XOXOXO

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  3. It is heartbreaking to have to undecorate… especially on these cold dreary days.
    So I don’t!!! I love the lights around the house, the mantelpieces in the rooms all cheerful, it is so festive. I leave lights on a timer around the outside of my front door and just change the foilage. Autumn leaves in the fall, garland and berries in the winter, forsythia in the spring, flowers or sunflowers in the summer. It’s a night light for me when I go out and come home in the evening and it looks like I am always celebrating something!!!

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  4. We have a live tree every yesr. This one has been up since Dec. 3rd. We knew that we would be traveling for the holidays and wanted to enjoy it as long as possible. Surprisingly it is still fresh and there is an evergreen smell. We keep our nativity set, tree and other decorations up through Epiphany at least. All are symbols of peace which can start in our home an extend out from here. The lighted tree is especially calming in the dark of the morn and evening. Outside lights are still glowing in Highland Park. All help remind us to appreciate the spirit of Christmastide.

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  5. Funny image Ruth. I also see trees right away on curbs and find it odd. In Edgewood they have a “tree burning” day that the firefighters coordinate. I think it’s this coming weekend. The entire neighborhood smells like pine.

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  6. I don’t have a Christmas tree but if I did I’d keep it up as long as I could. The pine scent the cheerful ornaments would make winter a bit brighter. Hmmm maybe I should get one just for that. 😉

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