Ensuring the Neighborhood has Heat and Hot Water When It’s Minus 11 Degrees Windchill

These gas company workers have been working outside for several days in bitter cold.

The thermometer in the negative column and windchill making it more severe with no relief in sight. Laura and James home didn’t experience the problems some neighbors did. I can’t imagine how the early settlers made it through the winters.

I know it’s colder in other locations around the country as I heard from a friend in NH and it was 35 below zero

I admire these men for working hard to get the heat snd hot water to the neighbors.

18 thoughts on “Ensuring the Neighborhood has Heat and Hot Water When It’s Minus 11 Degrees Windchill

  1. I worked on the grounds crew at the Frick as a retirement job. Something to do you know. It is open 6 days per week. In winter snow and ice removal from the parking lot, steps and walkways is necessary regardless of the temperature. It is not too bad. The tricks are to dress in layers, keep your skin covered, go inside as often as possible and keep smiling.

  2. The season to rejoice at being retired and staying home on the challenging cold days.
    Dec. into Jan. has seen 3 nights of below freezing temps in the FL panhandle. Brrrr…..

  3. I admire them, many of these people work so hard to make life easier for us and keep the road safe…. despite the weather. Great post!

    • Thanks Amy. Yes we are grateful for those who work hard in dangerous conditions. thanks for your visit and comment today. Happy New Year.

  4. We have had negative 8 to negative 18 degrees this past week, with windchills at negative 35. Some people I know here also experienced heat outages; I can’t begin to imagine…. I laud your efforts to thank the folks who keep us warm (and therefore safe!).

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