Chex Mix Making

A few alterations to the original recipe but Wednesday night Laura guided Charlie and Maura in the holiday tradition of making Chex Mix. One site says “it’s been a party staple for 50 years”. I can tell you the original recipe was not on the boxes we had this year. Boo.

Baked at 250 F for an hour stirring every 15 minutes. What could be bad about it with all that melted butter and savory salt? Hmmmm

After the Mix making the two cousins played in Charlie’s new train tent. Crawling between the red and blue and back again. Then the added collapsible tunnel component.

A fun night.

Charlie said ” I love this game”

10 thoughts on “Chex Mix Making

  1. What a fun day for Charlie and Maura. What could be better? Making and, I assume, eating Chex Mix and playing together. These are lovely days.

  2. Keeping family close by having fun together. Love the smiles and happiness. We hear heartfelt laughter. If you close your eyes and listen closely you will hear it too.

  3. Gah – all of these images are incredible! I love seeing these real slices of family life; what a treasure you are providing to them.

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