More Effects of Elements and Time

More Effects of Elements and Time

WEATHERED appeals  to me cause I’m  finding a lot of photos in the archives to post.


VintageGarbageTruckToyVintage Toy Garbage Truck from the 1950’s

LarimerSchoolLarimer School, Pittsburgh PA-


Okanogan, Washington and surrounding area-

orchard heaters no longer used, and apple boxes, an abandoned school house with an updated roof and a No Hunting sign posted on the building with the old vinyl couch out front.



Your Handwriting Reveals your Character sign in Coney Island-

-Bakery, Drug Store and the Lunchbox Diner* (see below for how it used to look) in Manhattan– New York City-


Weathered Diner

Quinwood, West Virginia-


Conneaut Amusement Park- Pennsylvania-



Roller Skating Rink- McKeesport PA-


alaska_trainTrain in Alaska


Lunchbox Diner NYC

17 thoughts on “More Effects of Elements and Time

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  2. All lovely and weathered. I too am a fan of peeling paint and rust. I see we have that in common! You have a lovely blog here Ruth. I shall try and pop in more often now we have met 🙂
    Jude xx

    • Thank you for your good words, Jude. Yes,peeling paint and rust catch my eye. Glad you visited today and look forward to many more exchanges. ❤️

  3. I have fond memories of my family and I visiting the Conneaut Amusement Park in my pre-teen years.

  4. Oh how we love these photos. Not only the vintage items but also the locations elicit a fondness that I cannot fully explain. Here’s one memory of many. As you know my father was from Brooklyn. On one occasion we went to Coney Island and Steeplechase Park. My sister and I road on the parachute jump. Many years later I drove past the long ago closed park.The rusty skeleton of the parachute jump was still standing. I have seen it in photos since. Maybe one of yours? Next time you reminisce about the boardwalk at Conrey Island think Knish. I know that you wil know and that you will smile. Enjoy the sunshine on this great Sunday.

  5. Weathered sometimes makes me feel sad. As your photos show many of the weathered items are no longer in use.

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