Granny Smiths

Yes, it’s winter. Seriously cold winter.

What better time to bake apples?

I used my sister’s method and added a few tablespoons of Balsamic vinegar in the bottom which I later spooned onto the apples’ core opening. Nothing else. No cinnamon or raisins or butter or sugar. Granny Smiths snd Balsamic vinegar.

I used an apple shaped Glasbake Vintage baking dish (a gift from Molly) and baked them at 350F for an hour.

The kitchen was warm from the oven and the whole house smelled delicious. Looks like an electric element but it’s gas.

28 thoughts on “Granny Smiths

  1. Apples are one of our favorite fruits. We have one each day to keep the……. Okay, you get it. We do have at least one though. These look especially tasty and comforting on these frigid days. Thanks Ruth.

  2. I will try that – so simple! Last night I made my winter comfort dinner: Oven roasted Italian sausage, sweet potatoes and Granny Smith apples. I’ll blend the leftover veggies with chicken broth for a soup. JB

    • It makes the combination mouthwatering. Iā€™d add a bit of water to the Balsamic, it really cooked down. Iā€™m not sure the description would be sweet but incredibly satisfying.

  3. Can you get Bramleys? Much much better than Granny Smiths for baking!! I have just used a Bramley apple to make apple cake tonight.

  4. I am not just saying this – but I needed this recipe – I need a healthy – no sugar added something that is also warm
    and hubs just brought home a bag of granny smiths (we hardly buy apples cos the sugar content is so high, but I like to give apples to the mail lady)
    anyhow, can’t wait to try this

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  6. Righteous!

    So simple and yet so elegant? Yes.

    I love granny smiths and I love balsamic vinegar, and most of all, I love simple.


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