Found in My Couch Cushions

An archeological dig in the couch cushions.

Here’s the find-

An crocheted antimacassar from the couch back, (decorative not functional). DPNs (double pointed knitting needles), a square of Origami paper, two sizes of paper clips, two Playmobil weapons, a plastic peg from a game, a weathered Scrabble piece, a rubber band, a few coins totaling 88 cents and a part of a yarn label telling of fiber content 70%/30% something.

The crumbs of Chex mix went up the vacuum cleaner hose.

Good thing no one sat on those needles.

What’s in your couch?

28 thoughts on “Found in My Couch Cushions

  1. Agree with Jo. But, went back to see what I have got. My finds:
    Paper clips, two Swedish coins, a dog named Totti, a newspaper clip and my knitting. Luckily Totti had not trotted away with my yarn today…he usually mouths it and leaves a thread to follow through the rooms…so that I can find my knitting again. Clever dog.

  2. We are amazed at the things we learn from one another. We have seen antimacassars thinking that they were deorative doilies. We never knew that they had a purpose. Thank you Google and thank you Ruth and fellow readers. Now we know. If you want to find more treasures move from furniture to car seats especially if you have had the car for awhile and most especially if children have ridden in it over time.

  3. Oh, I am so disappointed we have no couch! I am sure I would find countless treasures like you all have done. Boo. We don’t even have stuffed chairs or anything right now, having moved house in the last year. When I cleared my childhood home when my mother moved out in the past few years, there were treasures galore stuffed and dropped everywhere, but that would not be fair to list here.

  4. I checked under the cushions before I read your post. Just opened up the AZ house and there was a rodent in residence while we were gone. Have been doing a lot of vacuuming, and that included under couch cushions. Was pleased that the rodent hadn’t been there.

  5. I often find pens, popcorn (the snack that is eaten most on our couches), loose change, nothing terribly interesting, haha, but this was a fun post!

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  7. My main concern is the Scrabble letter “N” tile …. in my house that would negate all previous games and scores due to the fact that no games were played with a full set of letters. We are very serious about our Scrabble. One time my sister traveled down from Canada with a letter “T” tile in her luggage because we thought it was missing in my game box. But a recount showed that I did indeed have all the letters and we were relieved …. and the annual Scrabble challenge went on …. JB

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