He is Still Here

On a different shelf.

I blogged Baby Jake. four years ago (see below)

Looks like he’s on the WWII shelf now.


—from Blog May 2014—


First Communion Weekend in my son Mark’s home office I saw his old Baby Jake from 1976.

I believed little boys should have a doll to love and care for when they were growing up. Preparing for fatherhood.

Now he has his own family of four, but it touched me when I saw his old doll Jake on the bookshelf. Jake has a soft body that has been recovered and filled with fluff, his rubbery arms surgically reattached by me.

You might have seen Mark’s 38th birthday post from Monday.

There is something about a toy or a doll with a face.

One that’s been well loved.

If you want to see a doll well loved, his wife Erika’s childhood doll (now named Baby Doll) adopted by their daughter Anna- really illustrates LOVE!


old rubber doll from 1976 with home sewn clothes I made for him

7 thoughts on “He is Still Here

  1. What a great idea to give Mark ababy doll to teach him how to be good father. Excellent thinking Ruth E

  2. Your plan to give a doll to a son works. Our son Joe had Winston. He is still here. Mark and Joe are great fathers. They allow us to relax a little as parents and grandparents knowing that their families are in good hands. Likewise they remain close friends. We are grateful to both.

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