Lights in the Darkness

Flickering candle flames are mesmerizing. It’s hard to avert your eyes.

They cast a flattering light.

The sound of the strike of a wooden match. Tapers on a dinner table. The evening’s about to begin.

Lighting votives in the alcove of a church offers comfort when there’s really nothing else one can do.

Skinny candles on birthday cakesthe smell of wax and smoke after you make your wish, blow them out.

Everyone’s getting those battery operated, remote control, waxy but not real flame candles these days. No carbon marks on paint behind picture frames. No danger of setting the house afire.

I’ve got a set on the mantel right now. Need a load of double AAs. Make them glow again.

The wavering lights of true flames, hypnotize me.

Create shadows on the walls.

Light up a winter night.


21 thoughts on “Lights in the Darkness

  1. I too love candles. They are warm, comforting and hypnotic. I’m not a fan of most scented candles unless they smell like Christmas trees. Great post.

  2. Taking me back to my Peter Paul and Mary days and “Light One Candle.” Here is the chorus.

    Don’t let the light go out!
    It’s lasted for so many years!
    Don’t let the light go out!
    Let it shine through our love and our tears.

    Something to ponder in the darkness.

  3. My whole mood changes on Friday night when I light my 6 sabbath candles. Two for Hesh and I and one for each of my children. The eyes are hidden with hands while the prayer is said and then they are removed to see the glow of the sabbath lights.

  4. Absolutely adore a room lit with candle light, Ruth. I gave up the practice, however, years ago when I shared my home with a couple cats. Though the cats have been gone years I’ve never gone back to evenings in candle light. A shame, actually.

  5. I love the smell of a match that has been struck, and the smell of a candle that has been extinguished. We don’t have candles at the house because I’m not a careful attendant to them (and especially not with a small child now), but I do love them just the same. Perhaps when C is older we will have some candlelight meals as a family…

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