Lights in the Darkness

Flickering candle flames are mesmerizing. It’s hard to avert your eyes.

They cast a flattering light.

The sound of the strike of a wooden match. Tapers on a dinner table. The evening’s about to begin.

Lighting votives in the alcove of a church offers comfort when there’s really nothing else one can do.

Skinny candles on birthday cakesthe smell of wax and smoke after you make your wish, blow them out.

Everyone’s getting those battery operated, remote control, waxy but not real flame candles these days. No carbon marks on paint behind picture frames. No danger of setting the house afire.

I’ve got a set on the mantel right now. Need a load of double AAs. Make them glow again.

The wavering lights of true flames, hypnotize me.

Create shadows on the walls.

Light up a winter night.


Wisconsin Feed Corn Does the Trick

Lovingly stitched by a grandmother in Wisconsin, you put this pillow in the microwave for 3- 5 minutes.  The heat emanates from the corn and is soothing for aches and pains. It holds heat a long time and has the softest flannel pillow case. You slip the pillow in or out so you can launder the case. Her phone # was on the pillow ticking and that is how people know about her.  I was fortunate my friend lent me her pillow for healing purposes since the “being rear-ended last Friday accident.”   I hear they are great to take to bed everyday, especially in the winter.  Every once in awhile if you use the pillow a lot, you need to return moisture to the corn inside-  pop the pillow in the freezer for a day. Then heat again. Not sure the official name of these handcrafted pillows but they are wonderful. R-E-L-I-E-F.   I called her today and ordered three.  Fifteen bucks each plus shipping.  Worth it!


Hot soup
Buttered toast
A call from a friend.
Murphy curled up at your feet.
Grandmother’s soft cotton quilt.
And a friend knows just what to lend.