Catching Happy

When I look at this image I can hear the singing of “Haaaaa…” of Happy Birthday to You.

Jack, now 11, said I could post this pic.

His sisters put on every candle they could find.

And yes, there are three flavors of ice cream at the ready on the left. Mom, Erika, was videoing for family across the miles and isn’t in this frame.

23 thoughts on “Catching Happy

  1. Jack’s image all aglow in contrast with the others in the darkened room is eye catching. Again, we appreciate the value of light in your photos. Looks like a night of fun for all. We cannot think of a better way to celebrate than to have your favorite flavor(s) of ice cream with your birthday cake. These family shots make us happy too.

  2. I agree with Chicago John. This photo looks like a Norman Rockwell painting. This is the third “Rockwellesque” photo I can identify that you’ve taken. There’s the little girl holding Bobbijo’s dress at her wedding, Ava with the family and now Jack’s birthday. I’ll bet there are many more. You should start a separate file of “Rockwellesque” photos.

  3. Of course, the biggest questions are:
    1) Did he blow out all of the candles in a single breath?
    2) What are the 3 flavors of ice cream? πŸ˜‰

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