10 thoughts on “Home Eggs

  1. I love eggs! I love them fried and scrambled. I love them soft boiled and hard boiled. I love them poached and made into an omelet or a frittata. I love egg salad and egg custard and flan and quiche. I love eggs!

  2. Here we have wild chickens, they’ll lay an egg a day, untill there’s 11. They just leave them laying in the nest and go do their normal routine till they have all 11, then they’ll sit on them and won’t move till they hatch. Never 10, never 12, always 11.

  3. I just saw a recipe for an egg baked in a half avocado …. I’m going to try it. Egg in avocado, pepper, chives, baked in 425 oven for 15 minutes. Top with crumbled bacon……

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