10 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. It is very rare in our time to see a little boy operate an old-fashioned record player. I like the concentrated expression on his face. Great snapshot, Ruth!

  2. Charlie is growing up so fast. A little too fast for me. I wish they all could stay little a little longer.

  3. Old school. Has Charley seen the statue yet? It’s just been cleaned and shined!

  4. I’ll 2nd Erica’s comment 😀Growing up I listened to Mary Poppens to the point of you’d think total ruin of the record. Plus my mom would let me “type” on her typewriter. 7 or so years later on I tried to erase words and was thanking the Heavenly Father (it was more me saying some fairly colorful words before and after) for the invention of the mouse. It just wasn’t gonna happen no matter where I put that stupid piece of erasing material. I was duped because the people on tv and my mom mAde it look effortless!

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