Teatime With Fancy Teabag and Beaker

Six word Saturday.

Teatime with fancy teabag and beaker.

The water’s boiling in the electric kettle. One fancy teabag waiting to be brewed into an inviting cup of fragrant tea. I let it steep.

Thank you dear friend for the lovely gift of fancy teabags. So elegant. And flavorful. Sipping tea and reflecting as you suggested. You encourage me always!


Teabag by (Teaforte.com)

Beaker pattern Brambly Hedge by Royal Doulton

9 thoughts on “Teatime With Fancy Teabag and Beaker

  1. Delightful!
    And such a short post but my thoughts went all over – from how I still know some tea snobs who are anti bags (if they just knew how fat bags have come – and I have a friend who makes bags from loose tea and so really? Anti bags and only like the net or tea ball?)
    And for some reason I also thought of downtown Abby!
    Anyhow –
    ‘Nice gift indeed

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