Art of the Brick Exhibit is Wow!

Art of the Brick Exhibit is just…Wow! Artist Nathan Sawaya’s Work is amazing. I want to go back and take more time looking and thinking about all his creativity that went into making these artworks. And all from regular LEGO pieces.Thousands of them.

Carnegie Science Center with Michael, Jack and Maura responding to Edvard Munch’s The Scream

One of my favorites (with undulating lights simulating water) was The Swimmer.

Yes, that’s all constructed with LEGO. The piece count is written on each artwork’s label.

It all starts with the single brick

The kids enjoyed building with LEGO at the stations provided on the second floor

a lot of pieces in the Easter Island sculpture Moai Part of the In Pieces Gallery. LEGO objects in large photographs. Umbrella in this one

16 thoughts on “Art of the Brick Exhibit is Wow!

  1. Fabulous post! Felt like I have been to the Show! LOVE the kids doing the “Scream.” The Swimmer is definitely
    a winner. Such a luscious blue! It IS amazing and WOW!!!

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