Halloween in Ohio

This morning it started at Halloween Storytime at the Clintonville Whetstone Library.

Charlie wore his astronaut costume and after the songs and stories the kids got treats from different stations in the library. The first was at the RETURNS slots. Stick you hand in and get a treat!   I thought that was so creative.  Then you had to know where to find the Shark books.  There was a shark passing out festive Snoopy and Great Pumpkin pencils.  There were so many cute and creative costumes but I try to not photograph children I don’t know so it looks like Charlie was on his own which was not the case.




Later Charlie wore a BumbleBee Transformer costume his Dad created from cardboard and duct tape. It was a lot of hard work but came out great.   It was fully operational and folded so Charlie could transform from a car to a Bot.  The neighbors had a mask Charlie could borrow.  Laura passed out the treats.  Their neighbors dog, Hudson sported a HOT DOG costume.


At 6:30 I got in the car for the 15 mile drive to Mark and Erika’s to photograph my four grandkids. It was dark and rainy by the time I arrived.  Michael was inside the house taking a break….scary mask.  And then I found Maura the unicorn her friend, a deer and and tried to capture them Trick or Treating.  No flash to be had.  Anna was at swimming practice and didn’t get home until after 8.  Jack was a soldier and all the kids gave me their Almond Joys cause they aren’t keen on them and they know I like them!


5 thoughts on “Halloween in Ohio

  1. Looks like a fun night for everybody. Got to say that James gets the award for Charlie’s costume. A creative and dedicated father indeed. Good that you were able to share in the fun.

  2. I loved watching the kids come up to the door in their costumes. All so polite and excited. We got more then usual which made me very happy! Charlie looks like he had a great time. That bumble bee costume was amazing!

  3. I appreciate you not photographing other people’s children. Looks like everyone had a very fun time – and Charlie’s costumes are darn impressive! (And so is that library staff – so creative!)

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