Cilantro – Yes or No?

Cilantro. On the side.

I’ve read that for some people it tastes like soap.

Others can pile it on and enjoy the distinctive flavor.

Cilantro- what do you say?

yes or no?

What makes us like or dislike tastes? Last night at the Kiez Eis store one of the ice cream flavors was Spargel/asparagus. Another distinctive flavor. I wasn’t brave to try it although I eat it as a vegetable.

My DIL told me recently they offered Cilantro Ice Cream flavor and it was delicious. To her. Would you try it?

KiezEis Berlin

17 thoughts on “Cilantro – Yes or No?

  1. The first time I tasted it I thought it tasted like soap. Now I love it. It took an while and some encouragement from friends.

  2. One of my neighbors brought me a bottle of Cilantro salad dressing so I tried it and now I’m hooked! So, yes yes yes!

  3. Cilantro is always a no. Even in the tiniest (and I mean TINIEST!) quantities. However, the veggie ice cream intrigues me. I had a brown tea ice cream in Japan, and it was strange, but good…

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