Rhubarb- Yes or No?

Another distinctive flavor. The cilantro responses were mixed as I figure rhubarb will be as well.

BUT even if you see the word rhubarb and declare you don’t like the taste of this mouth watering stalk, that’s only because you didn’t stop in Kiez Eis https://kiezeis.de/ yesterday afternoon.

Oh my.   It was absolutely the taste of perfect childhood summer captured on top of an ice cream cone.  Next time I will taste a sample of the Spargel (asparagus) Ice cream and report back.

Rhubard   Yes or no?

(Just don’t eat the leaves) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhubarb

12 thoughts on “Rhubarb- Yes or No?

  1. Don’t remember ever having it. I’m sure I have and it probably wasn’t negative. That, I would remember!

  2. Rhubarb sauce warm on top of vanilla ice cream. Yummmm. Last week I made a rhubarb cake. Today I’m making a rhubarb upside down cake for a friend’s birthday. He loves rhubarb in any form. Btw, although I do eat it, I prefer rhubarb straight, without the strawberries that often come in rhubarb pie.

  3. Nope for me. The first time I had it was my first year in Minnesota (so, my early 20s), in a pie – ick. Though I would try it in ice cream form.

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