Licorice-Yes or No?

This past week I’ve asked how you feel about eating Cilantro and Rhubarb. What tastes are pleasing to your palate?

Here’s another distinctive flavor.

Licorice-Yes or no?

Meet Menno, from Holland, who has a stand on Saturdays at Winterfeldplatz Market, selling all kinds of licorice. Some with salt. Some with a lot of salt   My eldest son likes licorice. I do, too   But without the salt for me, please. Here is Menno’s website

Above- The brochure listing all the varieties  And the  assortment I selected for Mark

Somewhere in the archives I have photos of my sister eating a licorice ice cream cone in Twisp Washington. And of course Menno has sold pure licorice powder to our favorite Berlin ice cream store, Kiez Eis, for licorice ice cream. You know I asked.


28 thoughts on “Licorice-Yes or No?

  1. Licorice is one I can skip. Although in Iceland they make licorice candies covered in a thin white shell that are addictive. They are the only licorice flavored things I will eat with gusto. I can’t resist them.

  2. I do enjoy licorice, black more than red. But I’ve never had it salted. I’d try it, but imagine I would prefer the unsalted kind.

    My dad is a big black licorice fan, so every time I eat it, I think of him. Funny what stays with a person.

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