11 thoughts on “Eleven Already? Wow!

  1. Happy Birthday Maura. Ruth …. my favorite all time photo is the one of Maura in the baby swing … please re-post that! I laugh aloud every time I see it. JB

    • I went and found the photo you mentioned. Added it to the end of the blog post. Hope it made you laugh.

  2. Happy Birthday, Maura! I hope this will be an especially happy birthday and an exciting year to come! I’m sending hugs and kisses to you from Pittsburgh on your special day! XXOO

  3. Happy Birthday, Maura….have some cake and ice cream for me.
    My favorite- the delight and joy expressed while dancing near the bed of Black eyed Susan’s.

  4. Happy Birthday Maura. Love the picture. I am drawn to Jack’s feet in the basket. Wonder what he is thinking? Obviously he is having fun with his sister or maybe at the expense of her.

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