Christmas Lights, Candlelight, and Moonlight

Taking up Becky’s January Square Challenge of LIGHT. 

Not my house, but it is so inviting and the candles are flickering along the sidewalk.

And yes, that is the moon up at the top of the photo.

The temperature dropped to 32 and the lights shine in the darkness, making winter beautiful.

Becky says (via Cee’s Photography post of a lighthouse at Twilight)

I’m proposing our January squares are filled with words ending in light that means one or more of the following; sunlight, floodlights, firelight, skylights, candlelight, sidelights, starlight, footlights, moonlight, streetlights, torchlight, taillights, gaslight, headlights, or, as I have today, twilight – whether that be the astronomical, nautical or civil twilight. And feel free to find your own _____light, there are more than 50 words which end in light!

12 thoughts on “Christmas Lights, Candlelight, and Moonlight

  1. Given the cold and dark of Minnesota winters, I especially appreciate this focus on light. I look forward to seeing your light photos.

    Thank you for bringing light into my life with your surprise gift of an Instant Pot. I feel so blessed by your kindness, Ruth.

    • Thanks for always looking to serve others. I think a month of posting light will inspire me to not dwell on the darkness of the season. Blog on and happy new year. I’m glad you like the pot.

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