First a Fawn, Today a BEAR !

In my driveway.

Not much going on during these three months of quarantine.  At least it seemed like it.
And then my neighbor Joaquin called and said “There’s a bear in your yard!”


“A bear?”  “Now it’s in your driveway. It’s walking by your front door”  I looked out my window and it was sauntering down the path.

I caught a  quick photo.  Yes, it was a bear.

Did I mention I live in the city?

  Post-GazetteJohn Hayes Article

17 thoughts on “First a Fawn, Today a BEAR !

  1. Yes, we have a bear here in the suburbs that recently ambled it’s way into Albany. Or, maybe there are two or three. Scary for people with pets. And forget about filling your bird feeder!

  2. Wow! Not what you want for a neighbour. We’ve got a mother moose and two babies in our neighbourhood, but we are on an acreage on the edge of a city!

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