Freshly Ground Pepper

This French pepper mill was a 1974 wedding gift from my sister’s friend, Janet. It works perfectly. I added a variety of peppercorns my friend Joanne sent to me.

Freshly ground pepper, yes or no?

If yes, on what?

I mixed up several types of pepper this time.

11 thoughts on “Freshly Ground Pepper

  1. The only reason I’d say no is because if I need a lot of it takes forever to grind!

  2. Very nice.
    I do like the different peppers… I have pink (which I’m finding hard to grind as its softness gets stuck in the mechanism of the mill), black, and green which was recommended from an Indian cookery book. Green has a soft warm feeling/taste xo

  3. Pepper! Absolutely! My current favorite is Aleppo pepper. I like pepper on most savory foods.

  4. Definitely yes! Serve it with my favorite dish — spaghetti with pepper and cheese — also known as Cacio e Pepe. Yum!

  5. Yes. My favorite lunch was when you brought in these 2 huge baked potatoes to work We could only microwave them, but you brought in freshly ground black pepper and butter, probably Irish. I still talk about that simple lunch. It was the aroma and taste of the pepper that made it so delicious.

  6. Love that pepper mill – though it seems much older than 1974…. I like freshly ground pepper in very small doses – it’s potent stuff!

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