Georgia Peach in Evening Light

Perfect ripeness

An unexpected surprise delivered to my house. A box arrived containing a baker’s dozen of Georgia peaches from dear friends. Thank you Kristin and Rick. They not only do they look gorgeous but are the sweetest, juiciest peaches, ever. Laura had just told me on the phone, they were getting a box of peaches delivered to their Columbus Ohio home this Saturday. And then these arrived for me. ❤️

A real spirit lifter arrived in Pittsburgh PA
Shipped from Pearson Farm in Fort Valley Georgia
Peach Still Life
The first one, devoured.
Breakfast the next morning in morning light. Rice Chex and peach slices.

8 thoughts on “Georgia Peach in Evening Light

  1. I am seriously envious as I love a good, juicy peach. Several churches in my community typically sell Colorado peaches as a fundraiser. But this year because of frost (or something), there will be no peaches sold. I picked some up at the grocery store last evening. But they are never as juicy and good as those shipped to the churches.

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