St. Joseph Day Pastries

Yesterday, March 19th, was St.Joseph Day. My sister bought two special pastries at Pasticerria Rocco on Bleecker Street. On the left is Sfingi On the right is Zeppole, baked to honor the occasion. “St. Joseph’s Pastries or Zeppole di San Giuseppe are traditional cream filled pastries from Campagna region of Italy.” -Click for recipe from Italian Recipe Book.

From Rocco’s in New York City photographed by my sister

Nine years ago I photographed Carmela at La Tavola in Pittsburgh. These are all the breads she baked for St. Joseph Day. Here’s that post

The 24 foot tall St Joseph the Worker statue is still in a church parking lot in Homestead. Here’s that story from ten years ago. I revisited a couple weeks ago to see if he was still there. He is.

8 thoughts on “St. Joseph Day Pastries

  1. Yes…I cannot believe that I remember these photos. The breads like the one shaped like the staff of St. Joseph are traditional. Having worked in the steel mills I can appreciate the statue of St. Joseph the Worker. Looks like the plans to relocate the statue have gone the way of the mills. The mills were the life blood Homestead and surrounding communities like Southside. Not so now. The pastries look delicious. Thanks Mary and Ruth for sharing.

  2. Beautiful pictures, the bread looks delicious! So impressed with the craftsmanship of the Saint Joseph The Workers Statue. Thanks for sharing!

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