Peeps. Yes or No?

Peeps. Yes or no?

The 2012 NY Times slide show showing how peeps are manufactured is still available. I ate one tonight. 32 calories. I could not detect any flavor other than sweet.

I bought them on sale post-Easter sale for just 99 cents at the fabric store

Since 1953, Peeps.

Turns out this is my FOURTH post about Peeps.

There are Peep Haters says Julie Bosman in NYTimes 2012 article . “But for such an innocent, marshmallow-and-sugar pastel candy, the Peep is surprisingly polarizing. Peeps-hater Web sites show pictures of Peeps dipped in liquid nitrogen and smashed with hammers. Admirers dress them in costumes and arm them with plastic swords. Matthew Beals, director of the 2009 documentary ”The Power of the Peep,” said their appeal endures because ”they coexist as both cute and horrible.”

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17 thoughts on “Peeps. Yes or No?

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  2. I am a “NO” for peeps…. don’t like the texture or the taste …. like eating a TBSP of sugar!

  3. My mom LOVED Peeps, her absolute favorite candy and luckily they are now produced for every holiday. We had them in heart shapes at her funeral brunch.

  4. The art museum in Racine Wisc. has a peep show that just ended. They have art work that depicts peeps or use peeps and then award prizes for a group creation, an adult category and child. There is also a chance to vote on best in show for those that visit the museum. They offered a virtual tour last week through facebook. This was the 12th annual peep show!

  5. Awh, peeps are so cute but I ‘m a no on peeps, I really dislike the food coloring flavor. I didn’t realize they were first produced in 1953.

  6. ‘peep’ sounds too close to ‘perp’ … can see why people want to smash them up!

    Healthy outlet for a diabetic’s sugar frustration 🙂

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  8. Me = no. (I don’t like the crunchy sugar exterior, or the sticky mallow interior.) My sister = YES. She loves them.

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