Birthday T-Shirt Quilt a Hit!

Happy Birthday Mark

Thanks to FedEx, the Pittsburgh themed T-shirt quilt arrived this afternoon. Right in time to celebrate my son Mark’s birthday on the 26th. Happy Birthday Mark.

I knew you’d love it! I was excited when you FaceTimed me as you opened it up. And of course your second call, showing me how Henry the Airedale was sniffing the quilt, looking for grandma.

My granddaughter Maura took the photo of her Dad with his birthday gift. Thanks for sending it Maura.

I took the shirts Mark gave to me and added a few so it was a row longer, scouting a thrift-shop, the closet here in my home, and ebay for the vintage Gateway Clipper T-shirt, where Mark worked when he was in high school.

Henry getting a scent from the new quilt.
Airedale approved.

I learned how to back the shirts with interfacing so they were flat and stable when they were sewed together. Thanks to Lisa S of Storm Sew for her tutorial and for her professional long-arm quilting services. Lisa can create a t-shirt quilt from start to finish, or complete your own sewing efforts like she did for mine. The quilting pattern was called Broken Glass. As soon as I finished handstitching the binding, I boxed it and drove to the main FedEx shipping center. He received it less than 24 hours later.

It looks gray in the light but it’s actually black flannel 108” wide backing with gold stitching

13 thoughts on “Birthday T-Shirt Quilt a Hit!

  1. Happy Birthday, Mark! I hope you have a happy day and a happy year to come. Sending hugs and kisses from Pittsburgh on your special day! XXOO

  2. WOW! What a great gift and a genius way to memorialize much loved t shirts. Very impressed. Happy birthday to Mark!!

  3. The quilt turned out so well and you made it in record time, Ruth! Wonderful memories for Mark and what a great way to utilize those treasured t-shirts.

  4. Happy Birthday Mark, So happy to hear the quilt arrived on time. The quilt is beautiful and pricelss, one that will be cherished for years to come. You did an excellent job Ruth and put a lot of love into making this beautiful quilt. Mark loves it!

  5. What a phenomenal gift! And a big (belated) happy birthday to Mark! As old as they get, they will always be our kids…

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