Consider the Gumball Machine

When’s the last time you saw one?

Monday morning I took Steve’s car to get some new tires before winter sets in. My friend V had told me about a Family owned tire business Laurel Gardens Tire Service Inc.

You wait about an hour while they mount the tires. There’s a TV on, pots of coffee. I knit on some socks. Right near me were some classic gumball and candy vending machines.

If I’ve seen a gumball machine in recent years, I don’t remember. They didn’t register in my brain. Can’t you just hear the sound the machine makes as you twist the knob and the gumball rolls down the metal chute. The flapping metal door?

Did you ever put in a coin, only to have the ball roll onto the floor as it exited the dispenser?

I sat there knitting, wondering who invented them. This type of machine has been around since about 1907.

No, I wasn’t tempted to put a coin in the slot.

Lots of choices. Lots of sun shining today.
Steve went to Goodyear Middle School in Akron Ohio. How about that cool Goodyear tire clock?

Oh yes, the new tires are great!

Note to knitters: Basic Ribbed Socks using Knittinbro Hand Dyed Yarn purchased at McWalker Yarns

3 thoughts on “Consider the Gumball Machine

  1. Love the gumball machines, it sure brings back memories. Funny how those always flew out the chute and onto the floor. lol

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