Raw Cranberry Relish, Yes or No?

Cranberries, navel orange, a Granny Smith apple, chopped. add 1/2c sugar and stir. Chill.

Some people prefer fresh cranberry sauce, some like the ribbed cylinder of Cranberry jelly from the can. Some put cranberries in a jello mixture. What they remember from childhood.

Cranberry relish, raw. Yes or no?

Or perhaps you don’t like cranberries in any form.

Cranberries, a navel orange, a Granny Smith Apple.

13 thoughts on “Raw Cranberry Relish, Yes or No?

  1. Childhood cranberry sauce was from a can. Now our go to is fresh cranberries similar to your recipe but with an orange and walnuts. I’ll have to try adding the apple.

  2. Cranberry relish, sauce, jelly and any other way cranberries can be prepared. I love anything cranberry.

  3. Yes on cranberry relish. I make it every year. I usually add a little fresh ginger. This year I added pecan.

  4. Definitely YES!! I grew up with a fresh cranberry relish like yours but we always added crushed pineapple. I keep bags of fresh cranberries in the freezer year round so I can enjoy this often.

  5. The relish looks tasty. I remember cranberry from a can. We had it this Thanksgiving. I do not remember it any other way. I am sure that I would like the relish. I like all fruit no matter what way, shape or form

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