Annual Presidents’ Teapot Shot

Last year I had the handle to the right. George was a bit more in focus. It sits in my China cabinet on the top shelf.

From last year’s post


LBJ is the last president printed on it. 

My friend Joanne give me the teapot.

Presidents’ Day -a Federal Holiday on the 3rd Monday in February clickHistory here

The date imprinted on the bottom of the teapot is 1966. Not sure if newer versions of Presidents on a teapot exist. This one is enough for me.

Yes that’s George Washington on a plate

8 thoughts on “Annual Presidents’ Teapot Shot

  1. Ruth,
    How great that LBJ was the last president on there. You don’t have to stare at some unwelcome faces
    since then…. Just get yourself an Obama teapot and you’ll be all set for the good faces! Chrstine

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