It’s Tuesday 2/22/2022

You know how much I wanted to write that date 2/22/2022. I’m not waiting til 2:22 am to post though.


Did you know that today’s date is a Palindrome and an Ambigram? The date will read the same from left to right , from right to left AND upside down! Won’t happen again for millions of years. 22022022

Oranges in winter throughout the years. In fact I had Oranges and Orange as tags.

2022 Orange in Winter

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Post from 2011
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17 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday 2/22/2022

  1. The Portuguese Orange Olive Oil Cake looks delicious! Love all the great recipes you linked as well. Happy 2/22/22

  2. Citrus everywhere here. Many family members have trees. Currently we have an abundance of grapefruit.

  3. Good catch on the date…I had no idea.

    I find myself craving oranges this time of year. Could it have something to do with winter in Minnesota? Today, as snow falls, is a good day for oranges.

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  5. I made it back for the special date of 02-22-2022 and glad I did – because Ruth – you honored this unique occurrence with a great post! well done

  6. PS – I had a half of orange tonight and it was my first once in perhaps a year – they were on sale and so we grabbed this huge bag and it was refreshing – and then I see all this wonderful orange here – oh and Ruth, the potholder with the Portuguese Orange Cake is so “you” to have it in there 🙂

    • Love hearing about your having a refreshing orange after such a long time and then finding the post! Thanks Yvette. I don’t know how many of those potholders I’ve woven over my lifetime. Good stress relief.

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