15 thoughts on “The Mandolin Club 1906

  1. I agree, a yearbook from 1906 is incredible! My father was born in 1910, and I do have his yearbook from Oliver High School in Pittsburgh, PA from 1928. My brother and I graduated from the same high school. My brother in 1956, and I graduated in 1965.

    • Nice to have family history documented like that. My grandmother wasn’t in the mandolin club I thought it was interesting as it’s her yearbook.

  2. What a great old picture. You have an amazing collection of family photos. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ruth…We really enjoy the vintage photos. They help us think of good times past. It is to your credit that you have photos from 1906. I graduated HS in 1966 and I cannot tell you where my yearbook might be today. All I know is that it is not here

  4. You seem to have quite a musically-inclined family. This photo is leading me to wonder if any of my grandparents graduated from high school. I think not, but need to ask. My own dad had only an eighth grade education. He was needed on the farm, so no more school for him once he reached a certain age.

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