Red Hot Peppers

The kind of peppers where you might need gloves to handle them when you cut them and you never ever touch your eye!

Here’s an article how to use them without getting burned

These were given to me a few weeks ago.

I let them dry out. Pretty soon, with the change of weather, it’s going to be chili season. A big pot on the stove’s back burner on a chilly afternoon could be a little spicier this year. I have a jar of dried red Chile peppers I use to add some zip to dishes. Sometimes they can make your lips sing.

Freshly picked
This is what I have on the spice rack

Red hot pepper was what we used to call out when cranking a jump rope, speeding it up, seeing how many jumps you could do at a rapid pace.

6 thoughts on “Red Hot Peppers

  1. Dangerous food! Great to photograph and use as a jump rope call -brings back memories!!!

  2. Those peppers look great, I remember calling out the red pepper while turning the jump rope, lol

  3. The drier they get the meaner they look. We are talking eyes watering, nose running, tongue burning, throat tightening mean.

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