No Longer Standing

You might remember my August 2022 post of Dead Trees Standing Although there were three photos in the post, one tree was in Columbus. I noticed that the two dead trees in the park across the street are no longer there. They must have taken them down while I was out of town as I surely would have heard the operation.

August 2022 October 2022
August 2022 October 2022

4 thoughts on “No Longer Standing

  1. I’m not sure why but it made me a bit sad. It made me think of the life cycle I guess. Once a vibrant tree with a history and then all that is left is a small marker acknowledging its existence. Natures headstone of sorts. dc

  2. We drove past as they were removing the trees. You were away. I too hate to see trees removed. A number of new trees have been nearby so that is something good. St least they are not removing the trees to build another strip mall.

  3. If the trees were dead, best to take them down as soon as possible, or else they become hazardous for the folks around it.

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